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Easy Upgrade

This little wiring mod gives you better tone at low volume.

Do it yourself Pre-wired


Strat, Tele, P Bass, and Jazz Bass are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

Aaron Smiley, StewMac Tech Advisor

Find this Trade Secrets video at stewmac.com:


Make your own treble bleed circuit


Ever notice how your tone loses highs when you turn the volume way down? A .001uF capacitor and a 150K-ohm watt resistor added to your wiring will maintain your tone as you turn the volume from ten to zero. We show you how to wire it in our Trade Secrets video #182. In that video you can hear the sound dif- ference it makes, too. Thanks to Brian Delaney for this tip!

-Aaron Smiley

Treble Bleed Circuit

Get uniform tone from high to low volume. Hand-soldered in our workshop here in Ohio. Sold on page 54 .

Pre-wired Harnesses

For Gibson Les Paul and SG, Strat, Tele, Jazz Bass and P Bass. Quality components on a wooden placement template. Wired by hand in our shop. Sold on page 56 .

Build your own pickups with StewMac kits

Excellent ready-to-wind pickups. We also have the the parts, supplies and tools for custom builds. Page 50 . Mojotone Pickup Winder Page 48 .

Boutique tone that won't break the bank!

Golden Age Humbuckers, Single-coils and P-90s deliver the sounds you've always heard in your head. See page 46 .


Between input + output

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e tone that won't break the bank!

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Caps + Resistors

Build your own circuits using the components sold on page 54 .

Control pots, jacks, switches, push-back wire

The best brands, including CTS, CRL, Switchcraft, Emerson and more. Page 56 .

Call our product experts

Strat, Tele,



Pic ckup Winder Page 48 .

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